Me And Batman

My Chiropractor got upgraded to first class on a dog-legged flight from JFK to Miami
via somehow Milwaukee.

She sat next to a charming older gent, and over the course the flight, and their lively discussion he bought her a drink or two.

After he deplaned to catch his Los Angles bond connection, the cabin steward gushed “on-my-god, do you realize who you were talking to?, Adam West – TV’s original Batman, that’s who!!!

The show had come and gone before my Chiropractor was born, and more likely the TV reruns she and her four sisters watched were “Charlie’s Angels” or “Scooby Doo”, either one had better fashion sense and certainly much better examples of interpersonal relationships.

So that makes me two degrees of separation from The Dark Knight, and therefore
three from Eartha Kitt.

And now you, dear reader are three and four, meow my darlings, meow.

by-Doug Mathewson