Smith Magazine Six Words On Hope And Six Words On Despair

Smith Magazine is a very cool NYC based publication and performance  group
who work exclusively in six word fiction. I have been fortunate enough to have written for them in the past about my experiences and impressions of life in New York City.
Recently they requested material on the topics of Hope and also on Despair.
Here are a couple.

“Got pie?”
“Kinda pie?”
“Hoping Rhubarb.”


“Dr. Flatline frowned, not good news.”

by-Doug Mathewson

Sign Of The Times

The cats and I were up before dawn, one of us had to pee, the other three were desperately hungry.

Surrounded by a volatile ocean of meows and lashing tails we set off to the kitchen, there to seek out a can of “Tuna Surprise”

The poor Mr. Tuna must have been surprised, finding himself in a cat food can.

I saw a black unmarked tow-truck pass my house slowly at sub parade speed.

The driver had the lights off and quietly tip-toed along with a big-body newer
Lexus on the hook.

“Maybe the car needs service, or…..wait a minute!,,,,,,,, 5:00 am? No Lights?…….

It’s the Repo-Man!

Repo-Man on my street?????……………. sign of the times.

by-Doug Mathewson