Hoilday Breather

Holiday Breather

This weekend we were out and about on our holiday rounds. A discount matinee would be perfect. Nothing to heavy in a movie mind you, just a romantic comedy. The film might have been a little light-weight but it had a strong cast and my wife and I weren’t looking for the sub-titled art-house provoker of deep thoughts. The lobby was cold and quiet early on Sunday. Ahead of us in line for tickets was a group of nuns. A couple of “Old-School” nuns, but mostly younger women with sensible shoes wearing gray outfits. Their matching gray hats were reminiscent of the ones worn by L.L. Cool-J. More the “Bucket Style” Kangol than the more popular Samuel L. Jackson style.
We were curious as to which film they would choose. The movie that puts two unlikely Hollywood high-grossers on the same screen via a contrived and unlikely plot? Maybe a generic Disney bland fairly tale rehash (that happens to  be royalty free in public domain)? Not likely the moronic stoner frat-party sight-gag drug reference toss away, nor the vampire robots vs scantily clad teens blood-bath beach epic.
Then we realized their obvious choice. Narnia in 3-D. Now dubbed a “Franchise” with the release of a second film. After being converted to Christianity by J.R.R. Tolkien C.S. Lewis is said to have written a different Christian theme into each volumes of “The Chronicles of Narnia.” I remembered how in the first book the death and resurrection of Aslan the lion so closely follows the story of Christ.  The other books are less clear in my memory and I can’t recall all the ins and outs of them. I remember liking Mr. Tumnus the fawn, and the swordsman mouse Reepicheap. Liking the kids?…not so much.
To me it seemed the sisters felt they were getting away with something. I liked their giddiness, and how they held their 3-D glasses. All vertically, all in the left hand as they walked in single file to the concession area. I hope the Archdiocese could at least spring for popcorn.

by-Doug Mathewson