Doug Mathewson

Image: Drawn at Rhode Island School of Design Museum. Summer 2007, by Gemma Mathewson .

Home page theme photo taken in Florence Mass., right in the center of their little downtown. Florence is a nice quiet little town on the west-northwest side of Northampton. You get the culture and convenience of the area without the risk of the dreaded “student neighbors”.

True stories from Imaginary lives is what little2say.org is all about. All of the work here is in some part factual. Represented is only a portion (about a third) of what I write. The rest being too personal, lacking an actual point, or just not making much sense. The photography category is limited at this time, I hope to get more photos posted.
The fiction and what not published here is mine, to see other projects I am involved with please see “The Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang” “Woodlot” and the lit journal I edit and publish www.blink-ink.org

Our catchy new site slogan is:

“ Three and a knee, that’s how old tom-cats land.”

Also, a friend recently said of these times we live in “If no one you love is effected by the current state of affairs in this country it means you don’t love enough people.” How very true.