Who Has Time

Agitated and percolating with impatience I waited as he rang-up my dollar books one by one. “Why can’t he just multiply” I fumed. Placing my receipt and complimentary
book-mark in the top volume, he shook his head and conversationally added, “short stories, now who has time for those?:

by-Doug Mathewson

Karaoke in 50 Words

Your sister and her friends were so drunk and loud,
we were all told  to leave the Karaoke bar. Adamantly you insisting on doing a song before we left, and sang “What’s New Pussy Cat” from the small and shabby stage. You were horrible, and I never loved you more.

by-Doug Mathewson

Blink Fiction

Still obligated to the label,
even after the millions I made them fronting famous glam band “The Pillow Shams’, they’d have me do children’s verse! A tale of little Ronkonkoma, the bandicoot with a difference. They pictured reversed stripes,…. the injustice of racism.
Fuck it. I’ll just make him gay.

by- Doug Mathewson