This is a section I most likely will close. This is a list (incomplete) of places my stories got published up through maybe 2010 or 2011. I appreciate every single one of these editors for taking my work, but there is no way I can make this accurate and up to date. Also, it doesn’t matter to me like it once did. The first year I started sending my work out was I think 2007. I set a goal of how many stories I wanted to get published in a year. I met my goal and thought I was really one clever guy. Time moved on and I realized most of what I had written was mediocre, cliched, draft quality at best. I couldn’t seem to keep the tense the same through out an entire piece. As I got better I found that getting published at someplace I admired was much harder, but really meant something to me. I rarely submit my work anymore, it feels the same to be to be published or not. This is something I hope to understand better and make improvements.


55 Words

  • Saint John

63 Channels

  • Computer Safety

1000th Monkey Zine

  • Jodie’s Bunny

The Battered Suitcase

  • Down Sized
  • Twenty One Guns

In Between Altered States

  • Gert’s Dilemma

The Binnacle

  • Buddy from the Group Home


  • Editor and co-founder with Lynn Alexander

The Boston Literary Magazine

  • Pilferage
  • The Chesterfield
  • In Seidel’s Eyes
  • Safe Harbor
  • Crossing The Hudson *anthology 2009 printing
  • Second Note
  • Bad Coffee
  • Woman’s Way
  • Karaoke in 50 Words
  • Who has Time
  • Reprieve
  • Station to Station
  • Spinoza Speaks
  • Return
  • Babbage’s Messaging Engine And Problems Arising From Its Use
  • The Neighborhood
  • Sorry About Your Poem

Bottom of The World Magazine UK

  • For a Song

Callused Hands

  • Missing Person Not Reported
  • Tupelo Regressions
  • Reprieve

Cezzane’s Carrot

  • Eyes

Chiron Review

  • Sock Puppets

Creative Soup

  • A Day – A Life
  • Death By Shovel (90w)
  • Sweater*
  • How Things Were*
  • Loves Lessons*
  • Which Goodbye*

eMuse-zine (Closed)

  • Modern Love
  • The Majestic
  • Her Window
  • Book Review “Clearout Sale”

Door Knobs and Body Paint

  • Barnacles In Amsterdam

Eclectic Flash

  • Table For One
  • Reprieve
  • Frustrating Phrases

Fashion For Collapse

  • High Tops
  • Spinoza Speaks

The Feline Muse Literary Blogazine

  • Caught Out (Spring 2011)

Full Of Crow

  • For Phil
  • Footsie File
  • Seidel’s Eye
  • Bread Knife

Gloom Cupboard

  • Last Rites Of Brunch (#68 23.11.08)

Left Hand Waving

  • The Smartest Man On Earth

Less Than Three Anthology

  • Cranial Cargo


Contributing Editor

Pen Pricks micro-fiction (Closed)

  • Assassins Guild
  • Auga Friae Caliente
  • Blood and Culture
  • Death By Shovel-55w
  • Donation
  • Exchange Policy
  • Fiction class
  • Fire Safety
  • Frosty Ride
  • Grape Arbor
  • How Things Were
  • Loved By You
  • Rocks
  • Secret
  • Spinning Bricks
  • Suppressed False Memories
  • Upstream
  • Verenjane

Pocket Change Poetry Zine

  • Plan B -(early version)

Poor Mojo’s Almanac

  • Jodie’s Bunny
  • Class Trip
  • Caught Out
  • Plan B (late version)
  • Tallest of Allest
  • Space Invaders
  • Sock Puppets
  • High Tops

Right Hand Pointing

  • Pentagram II
  • Art With A Heart


  • Ekphrastic Riff
  • Which Goodbye
  • For Phil
  • Tupelo regressions
  • Station To Station
  • click-clack

Shoots & Vines

  • Along For The Ride
  • Table For One
  • Christmas 2009 weekend featured author event*

Six Sentences

  • Early Call 4-6-08
  • Fiction Class 3-18-08
  • Fox Tales 3-14-08
  • Grape Arbor 3-24-08
  • Lingo 3-22-08
  • Rocks 5-05-08
  • Tupelo Regressions 3-19-09
  • Analysis Log 2-08-10

Six Sentences V-II

  • Boise Butcher
  • Space Invaders

The Skeptic Newspaper

  • Art with a Heart

Tuesday Shorts (Closed)

  • Christmas
  • Deaf Guy
  • Death By Shovel (87w) *2009 anthology
  • How Things Were
  • Poor Snuffie
  • The New Job
  • Sweater


  • Buddy from The Group Home

Word Vamp

  • Bread Knife