Family Album

We never had a family album, it wasn’t our style. No photos of picnics or birthdays, no graduations, Easter Bonnets or Christmas Mornings. We had a family envelope. That’s how we were I guess. Our envelope was tattered and old filled mostly with out dated papers and useless receipts. Hardly any pictures or clippings.

When Mom died and the newspaper needed a photo for her obituary we cut their wedding picture in half. When Dad passed on two years later we couldn’t find his half!
The best we could do was his drivers license. Too bad it had “Suspended DWI” stamped across his face.

And wouldn’t you know it? Now the darn dog’s gone missing and not picture one of the old mutt! We’ll just have to use a picture of somebody else’s dog to post on facebook.                                         Have ya seen him? 🙁