Lost and Found

Lost and Found includes undeveloped story ideas that are availble for anyones use. Give it a try, let us know how you make out.

*Buying everyone on your holiday gift list “O J gloves” at Target.

* Recenty in a conversation with my uncle about the Merchant Marine in the late 1940’s he said ” in Europe, of course, all the stevedores were women”

* The same uncle told me how he and his brother would help my Great Grandfather wall paper the ceiling. They jumped up and down on their bed, pushing the paper into place on the up-swing.

* Young women discussing which cosmetic products excelled at removing fingerprint ink, and where to best to shoplift them.

* Marisol always hated how dollar store animal crackers tasted like bleach.

* “Amero” New American currency indexed off Chinese yen that replaced US dollar post Bush economic collapse.