Indie Press

Bertie started a poetry zine.
He called it “Pleasant Tymes”.
Only four submissions trickled in.
Would a name change help?
“Trans-sexual Infection” went mega!

This is written in an interesting format. Five Sentences of five words each.The publisher also insisted on a five word biography.

by-Doug Mathewson

Notes from the front……

So where has this guy been???
Well honestly I have been right here but so busy with other things. I have not been writing as much and have become more involved in other projects.
Full of Crow Press and Distribution has become my on-line home. I have been working with some very creative people the foremost of whom is the legendary
Lynn Alexander. We started Blink-Ink two years ago as a quarterly fiction fifty work mini-magazine. I am the Editor, and Lynn handles art and production. It has grown amazingly. Please visit us online to get the feel for what we do there. Our “Crow Aesthetic” if you will. I am also involved with another even smaller, even stranger publication called ”MUST.” It is an experiment in distribution, production, and creative style.
Submitting to other publications has become less of a priority, but that is a topic for another time. I do want to thank the editors who wrote me and made me write
for them. I will not list you my friends for fear of forgetting someone. You made me write when I felt I couldn’t.
Helping other writers, artists, and editors has become something I truly enjoy
whether I know anything or am helpful, who can say. I learned from a friend at
Full of Crow to strive to be as inclusive as I can rather than exclusive. A good policy in all things I feel.
Over the last year I have learned a great deal. About life, about people, and I imagine about myself. So to that end will try to update things with more diligence. And thanks for come by to say hello.

Doug Mathewson

After School Special

Even at nineteen, Bavie knew “broken hearts” were just for kids.
Softly humming as she burns her cloths from last night,
flicking her light blade hand-to-hand.
Then, with a harsh sudden snicker, she whispers too loud,
“Who cares where it all splatters!”

by-Doug Mathewson