From Wood Lot #1

I started another small publication called “Wood Lot”. I wanted something with a different feel to it that Blink-Ink or The Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang (which are my two other publications). I hope that Wood Lot will be something with a life much like one of my favorite flash stories “Magic For Beginners” by Kelly Link. She describes a cult TV show that has a very strong following, but no known schedule. The central characters remain the same but every episode has a different cast. No one know when the show will be on, or what station. I like that idea a great deal. Hear is my purposely untitled piece from “Wood Lot” #1 that mailed as an insert with issue #26 for Blink-Ink.



I’d recognize her easy enough even without the rodeo number pinned to her back. Would’ve stopped no matter when I saw her old truck with the hood up.
We both smiled when it was ah easy fix.
Then it came to me, farm girl knew how to fix the damned thing herself.

Doug Mathewson