Things have changed over the years in Riverdale. You’d have to say they changed only to become more the same if you know what I mean. Pop’s Malt Shop is gone. That whole block is. Walmarts’ there now. Archie works there, Moose too (but I didn’t see him). Archie’s folks passed on years ago but he is still in the old house. Married now with kids! He married Eunice Nugyen. You wouldn’t remember her; she was so quiet she never turned up in the comics. They have the cutest kids. Two little girls with mom’s looks and that red hair of Archie’s. And Jughead, that poor kid. Seems he can never catch a break. Back in rehab again. Court order this time.
The girls are okay I guess. Betty married right out of high school. Said “I do” to the first kid joining the service and that was her ticket out of town. Lives some place in the Carolinas. Got kids. Doesn’t come back. Veronica’s out west. California some place. Santa Clara, Santa Barbara, Santa something. She sold off the old place. Sold everything I guess. There’s a story for you. Reggie is in real estate. He sold all the land and Mr. Lodge’s buildings downtown, the bank, everything, then worked a deal to donate the old house to Hospice so the taxes were a wash.
Reggie has done alright. He has a Mercedes and lives in the new condos they put up on the back side of the old Lodge estate by the lake. He’s had a few  roommates, but they’re all been city boys who leave for the big lights.
Oh greezes! I almost forgot! So at the High School there is this plaque. Big bronze thing in the court yard (part of the new addition). So I read it and it’s all generous this and grateful that, and then I understand what it means! Remember old Mr. Svenson and Miss Bleazley from the cafeteria? Well get this they were aliens! How would you know? Well, whoever was in charge on their planet said no to extending their study grant for another hundred years, so they said their goodbyes and then donated the new gym and the whole West Wing! Well, that part’s different I guess.

by-Doug Mathewson