Sign Of The Times

The cats and I were up before dawn, one of us had to pee, the other three were desperately hungry.

Surrounded by a volatile ocean of meows and lashing tails we set off to the kitchen, there to seek out a can of “Tuna Surprise”

The poor Mr. Tuna must have been surprised, finding himself in a cat food can.

I saw a black unmarked tow-truck pass my house slowly at sub parade speed.

The driver had the lights off and quietly tip-toed along with a big-body newer
Lexus on the hook.

“Maybe the car needs service, or…..wait a minute!,,,,,,,, 5:00 am? No Lights?…….

It’s the Repo-Man!

Repo-Man on my street?????……………. sign of the times.

by-Doug Mathewson