About this time of year I move our fish from their inside tank winter camp to their summer home, our outdoor pond. Frogs soon arrive just like hobos from years ago, riding the rails to easier living. They move in with bold ker-plunks and settle for the season. I never really noticed the frogs that much, they swan and sang and so what. They were frogs. I feed the fish when I leave in the morning and again at night when I return. The frogs were okay,
they just hung out, jumped in with a splash when I got too close.
Last year was different. For what ever reason the frogs looked like the Ramones!  There were their little (green) faces! Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, and Marky The resemblance was startling. I tried to explain to people that in my little pond, there were four frogs that looked like  big time New York punk legends! People were mostly polite when I told them (well, a few rolled their eyes or even snickered) but nobody was  interested enough to go take even a quick peek. All spring and summer long I marveled at them. I knew which one was which, even addressed them by name (they were such distinct individuals). Come fall the Ramones Frogs packed their little froggie guitar cases and moved on. Over the winter I though of them more than a few times. I wondered what they were up to ( could they be on tour in Japan?). I was casually curious if they or some variety decedents, musical or not, might return come spring.
Today I was up early, put out the trash, bring in the paper and I heard very odd croaks! “Great”, I thought “Maybe the frogs are back from CBGB or where-ever.” Cautious and quiet was my approach (really wanted to surprise the boys) and there, right there in my pond where these long and leggy spotted leopard frogs! They took one look at me, and in a beautifully choreographed move somersaulted into the pond, leaving three perfect rippling circles that blossomed into tiny art-deco “Man in the moon” winking faces!  – total Cirque du Soleil!!  Oh, what a summer this will be!!!

By-Doug Mathewson