Regretless Regifting

My uncle Robby is so totally crazy, I mean completely certifiably insane.
Boundaries between worlds mean nothing to him, daily he travels the multiverse with ease. Lately he has been spending time in an ephemeral world of transparent beings.
So in the park he says to me,
“If I had a dollar for every asshole on the street who wants to sell me a Moulin-Rouge
coaster set, I could buy……. well an holographic fishing boat! Boy-oh-boy I’d sure
make a name for myself then!”
I can look around the house for a boat warming gift. It’s just too bad it can’t be a set of those goddam coasters (why do I keep buying things from Gypsies?). What would be nice is I could give him that enchanted road-and-reel I bought on ebay.alt-realms back when I wanted to catch an phantom imperceptible fish to impress that stupid invisible girl who never really loved me anyway. It’s around here, ……. well somewhere.

by – Doug Mathewson