Hat Death

The world was in attendance
We watched on
Black and white TVs
1961’s bright January day held promise
Bare headed John Kennedy
Addressed the nation
On Inauguration Day
A breeze went through his Hyannis Irish hair
He offered us a boarding pass
To a nation united in hope
Behind him stood in somber rows
Dignitaries great and small
In formal top hats
Photo-shopped in, perhaps
From Lincoln’s address at Gettysburg
Images more fitting to a faded past
They were the dinosaurs
Suddenly irrelevant
Reduced to token roles
Why were they there?
Wasting our countries time
In their foolish old man hats
To the savvy and astute
The transformation was instantaneous
No time for hats
So much to do
Men in motion
Taking charge
Or keep your hat
Sit on the porch
In a rocking chair
Your teeth now in a water glass
Just forget to shave
And wear your hat
Offer your sage council
To a now diminished audience
Consisting solely
Of one sleepy
Hound dog

                          by – Doug Mathewson