I completely love music. Music provides incredible secret worlds in which to imagine. It is so interesting to see how musically talented people creates such beauty . While I enjoy music very much I do not write about it. While it is dear to me, all I can offer is fan opinion. “I like to drive fast when I listen to this” or “it makes me sad and romantic when I listen to that”. ” I love listening to The White Stripes, Amy Winehouse, Archade Fire and others, but so do a lot of people. It is not news. I have nothing intelligent or interesting to add. Nothing insightful to say.
Let me now make an exception. Please listen to Rasputina. Info at www.rasputina.com also see their www.wikipedia.com entry. As the bands website states it is all about cellos and corsets. They are loud, musically aggressive, discordant, punk in spirt, and lovely. Their musical style matches their “steam punk” appearance. Over the edge Victorian without the vampire campiness. They seem to arrive from the worlds of Paul D’Filippo. They could well be in opening act in favorite story of his “Little Worker”.
Buy Rasputina’s music, visit them online, look at their images, see if they have a recital scheduled near you. They are a must have for anyone who love cello music, but finds classical too limiting in structure.

by – Doug Mathewson