For no discernible reason I find myself absorbed in themes. This fall all I wanted to photograph were pianos and row boats. Canoes as well to be truthful. I also wrote a series of stories about pants. Only “Fifth Pocket” is published here. The other story from that theme that I liked was ”The Skinny on Skinny”, which is really about language. Starbucks, for example, taught us a new catechism of words. Mc Donald’s did so before them. The story is written in the language of Levi’s jeans. Just how skinny is skinny anyway? I’ll take my 511 jeans in Joey Ramone black please.
For the last ten weeks the theme of Redemption has been on my mind. It is spiritual but in no way religious. So far the only things to come out of this is “Barnacles in Amsterdam” and this terrible young adult story about weasels becoming ermines at the winter solstice in some place like Stonehedge. Is is complete crap and will not appear here.